Wardrobe and Makeup Tips for Cool and Warm Skin Tones

When we frame a photo, we often think of coordinating the photo to the frame.

The same principles applies to makeup, hair, and wardrobe.

Thinking of your face as the photo and your hair and clothing (especially what is hitting closest to your face) as the frame will pave the way to achieving a cohesive look from head-to-toe.

The first step is to know your skin tone because unlike hair or wardrobe colors, your underlying tone will never change.. even if you tan.

Skin tone falls in the broad categories of “cool” and “warm”. Cool skin tones have blue undertones in the hair, skin, and eyes, while warm skin has yellow undertones.

One tool that enjoyed a lot of popularity in the 90’s was color analysis with draping. Even though you don’t hear of this service as much any more, the principles still hold true and I still use my drapes to show my clients which wardrobe colors work best for them.

If your skin is cool, you look best in blue-based colors. Think white, black, navy, burgundy, hunter green, purple, pink, fuschia, and gray. The lighter your skin tone and natural hair color, the lighter your wardrobe and makeup colors should be. Natural brunettes can go darker and stronger.

For example, a soft baby pink lipstick, pewter eye liner, and a pastel toned eye shadow are ideal for a natural blond…. but a natural brunette can opt for a stronger pink, burgundy, or red and more dramatic eye makeup.

If your skin tone is warm, chances are your natural hair color is red or strawberry blond and you have a peachy tone to the skin. Earth tones and yellow-based colors work best for wardrobe and makeup. Think browns, taupes, mustards, golds, peaches, and oranges for eyes, lips, and cheeks, as well as wardrobe. And again, the lighter your natural hair and skin, the lighter your makeup look should be to enhance your face best. The stronger your natural coloring, the more intense your makeup can be.

If you color your hair, as many of us do, keep the same principles in mind. Ideally, your salon color should still be flattering to your skin tone…meaning if you are cool, stick to cool hair tones. However, if you are the adventurous type and like to experiment with hair color, your best bet for makeup and wardrobe is going to be “universal” colors. This way your skin won’t clash with your hair color which can be very unflattering. Chocolate brown, taupe, and turquoise (which contains an equal amount of yellow and blue) are examples of colors that look good on virtually any skin tone and hair color.

Opting for the right hue of makeup, hair, and wardrobe colors will frame your face beautifully and bring out your best facial features and give you a polished look from head-to-toe no matter what your personal style!