Skin Care for Men

Men are increasingly getting into skin care and addressing issues like aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and acne. At first, it might start out with “borrowing” their wife/girlfriend’s products.

But there are issues exclusive to men such as razor burn and ingrown hairs from shaving. Skin care is no longer just a woman’s domain!

Follow this routine for smoother, healthier looking skin:

In the morning..
– Always start with a clean face. Blue Chamomile Cleanser with Chamomile, Blue Lotus Extract, and Green Tea is ideal to soothe, purify, and de-stress skin while dissolving dirt and oil from pores.
– Pre-Shave Oil with Clove prepares the beard for a smooth shave. It softens facial hair and reduces friction while shaving… Especially important for guys with sensitive skin.
– Opt for a non-foaming Organic Yucca Shave Creme to make precision shaving a breeze. Moisturizers such as yucca, arnica, and chamomile condition the skin and make shaving more comfortable.
– Finish your shaving routine with After Shave Balm with Pomegranite Extract to cool, calm skin inflammation, and reduce redness and razor burn. Pomegranite Extract acts as an anti-bacterial and will protect the skin from external irritants. Grape seed and olive butter which soften and nourish the skin.
Last but certainly not least, always apply a sunscreen with zinc oxide for the best possible protection!

In the evening..
– Cleanse the skin to remove surface dirt and debris that accumulated throughout the day.
– Tone the skin with Wild Blueberry Toner, an alcohol-free toner formulated to minimize irritation to the skin. Toner restores the proper pH to the skin, perfects skin balance, and removes any residue left over from the cleanser.
– Exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a Squamosa Buffing Masque which will gently buff away impurities and dead surface skin cells which dull the complexion.
– Apply Q10 Pumpkin Seed Serum to detoxify and defend against environmental stress and aging. Pumpkin seed oil, coenzyme q10, and nutripeptides provide your skin with essential nutrients to improve skin texture and elasticity.
– Moisturize to restore the skin’s equilibruim. If your skin is dry, Mint Balm Moisturizer with natural oils and vitamins will help combat dryness and dehydration.
If your skin is oily, Calendula Creme with echinacea extract will help purify skin prone to blackheads, clogged pores, and blemishes.

In addition to home care, regular salon facials help to deep clean and exfoliate the skin which offer quicker results and healthier, younger looking skin!

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