The “No Makeup” All Natural Makeup Look

As a makeup artist, I am often asked to create a “no makeup look” for talent on a photo shoot.

This translates into having the model or talent look like they have no makeup on, but are “camera ready”…which is important because a face is three-dimensional while a photo is two dimensional. If the features are not defined, the face can literally fall flat on camera.

It is also a wonderful makeup look which will enhance your features quickly and easily and with just a few cosmetics that are probably already in your makeup bag.

With a makeup sponge or cotton swab, apply concealer that matches your skin tone under the eyes working up to the inner bridge of the nose.
Dab concealer on acne, blemishes, and any discolorations.

Apply taupe shadow control cream all over the eye area… lash to brow and side to side… to even out the skin tone around the eyes.

Next comes the foundation. Using a makeup sponge, stipple liquid foundation over the entire face. Buff any excess with a clean area of the sponge.

Blend the under-eye concealer.

Lightly contour the face with a bronzing powder to give the face some definition. Under the cheekbones, sides of the nose, and under the jawline are the prime areas.

Using a makeup brush, dust powder all over the face to set the foundation and concealer.

To finish the look, fill in the brows and apply mascara and lip gloss!

Whether you are looking for a “no makeup look” for photos, to minimize your time getting ready in the morning, to camouflage flaws, or to look natural yet polished, this look is pretty simple to achieve.