Makeup Tips for Every Fashion Personality

The magazines are always full of runway-inspired makeup looks. Several designers show strong eyes, some bold lips, while others embraced minimalism. The challenge becomes choosing the right makeup look that works for our daily lives.

Of course, age, lifestyle, and personal features such as skin tone and eye/hair color are important factors to consider, which is where an image consultation and personal makeup lessons are invaluable. But a good place to start is knowing your Fashion Personality. Then you can begin to create harmony with your overall image.

The four Fashion Personalities are: Natural, Romantic, Classic, and Dramatic.

The Natural Fashion Personality is the “All American” type of woman such as Meg Ryan. The Natural likes comfortable, no-fuss clothing. A minimal makeup look that will enhance features and add polish include: a brush-on powder foundation to even out the complexion, bronzer for a subtle glow, mascara, and clear lip gloss.

The Romantic Fashion Personality’s style is very feminine. Think Nicole Kidman. She loves ruffles, bows, and lace. It’s not unusual to find a Romantic shopping for vintage treasures. To compliment the overall soft feel, a beautiful Romantic face would be monochromatic pastels. Lavender eyeshadow, smoke eyeliner, baby pink blush, and mauve-toned lipstick will give the Romantic the image she wants to portray.

The Classic is someone who enjoys timeless fashion. Her style is very tailored. She tends to shop for excellent quality, long-lasting wardrobe basics. For an alluring Classic makeup look, try a barely-there eyeshadow, smoke or navy eyeliner, lots of lashes, a neutral blush, and fire engine red lipstick or lipgloss.

And finally, the Dramatic. She’s the trendy woman who loves to experiment with clothing and makeup. Whereas the Natural can err on the side of doing too little, the Dramatic sometimes does too much. The smokey eye is the ideal choice for a Dramatic. Gray eyeshadow, black eyeliner blended into the eyeshadow, mascara, a neutral blush or bronzer, and a subtle lipliner and lipgloss complete the Dramatic face.

When you discover your fashion personality, you’ll always put your best face forward!