Bathing Suit Shopping Tips

Summer means backyard barbeques, outdoor dining, ball games, and of course, the beach… And with that, the pursuit of the perfect bathing suit.

Buying a bathing suit can be overwhelming and frustrating. Keep your body type in mind and you’ll be able to sift through the racks, eliminate styles that don’t work, and only bring your most flattering styles into the fitting room.

If you are an Hourglass body type, your bust and hip width are almost equal with a well-defined waist. However, Hourglass figures are prone to “love handles” at the waist and can have a tummy bulge.

The best look for an Hourglass is a one or two-piece suit with high-cut styling and asymmetrical or diagonal lines. Bold prints, tankinis, and low-cut necklines also play up the Hourglass’s even proportions while downplaying the tummy area.

The Triangle body type can be 1-2 sizes smaller above the waist than below. Flattering neckline styles include scoop, bandeau, deep-v, and halter. High-cut legs, skirted suits, and full-cut bottoms help balance the Triangle’s proportions.

The Wedge is commonly known as the “swimmer’s body”. Broad shoulders tapering to narrow hips characterize this body type. Wedges tend to gain weight in the upper body, back, and midriff.

Choose a suit with an underwire top for the most support. (A good idea for any woman who can use some extra support or is a D cup or larger). Avoid strapless styles and tops with horizontal stripes or detailing. Full cut halters and racer backs enhance the Wedge’s figure.

And finally, the Rectangle (or Ruler). The typical Rectangle body type has very few curves, an undefined waist, large rib cage, and slender legs. Excellent options for the rectangle include: a one piece with wrap detail, a dark suit with racing strips along the sides creating the illusion of curves, or a monochromatic suit with princess seams.

Every woman has a body type, regardless of size. These wardrobe tips will help you identify yours and make bathing suit shopping easier and more fun!